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Nov 8, 2012

Julia & Cory | Oglebay, WV Engagement Photography

When Julia decided to go home with her friend Ashley during their college break, she looked forward to a respite from classes, tests, reading, and the rigors of school.  It was nothing out of the ordinary; just a time to relax and refresh with a good friend, she thought.  And then she met Ashley's brother, Cory.  A seemingly insignificant break quickly became the start of something much more.  Julia and Cory spent the break laughing at the same obscure jokes, discovering shared idiosyncrasies, and falling in love with each other's quirks.  Before long, their shared humor and surface interests cultivated a much deeper love--a love upon which, next June, they'll start a marriage.  

I met Julia and Cory at Oglebay last weekend for their engagement shoot and had such a terrific time getting to know them.  They're the type of people that instantly make you feel comfortable, welcomed, at ease. The day of their shoot may have been a bit chilly and overcast, but Julia and Cory brought their own warmth and energy. And they brought their dog, which made the day even better!  I'm incredibly honored to be shooting Julia and Cory's wedding next summer back in Oglebay. And based on our time together this past weekend, I know it's going to be an amazing day.  Thank you so much, Julia and Cory! You're both so warm, kind, and funny. Thanks for all of the laughs and a really wonderful time!