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Jul 25, 2014

Todd, Kati & Family | Grove City, PA Family Photography

I photograph a lot of two-year olds each portrait season, but I never grow tired of witnessing the astounding energy these little people possess. It is incredible! I find them so endearing as they run, giggle, and remain totally themselves even when the camera comes out. I had the privilege of photographing, chasing and playing with a particularly sweet and enthusiastic two-year old this past week.  Sweet little Avery brought such joy, energy, and expressiveness to her family's photo shoot! She was an absolute delight and, despite the mosquitos and humidity, was especially cheerful and cooperative. Enjoy some of my favorites from my time with little Avery and her wonderful family!

Jul 23, 2014

Marianne, David & Family | Grove City, PA Family

One of the things we most cherish about life in Grove City is the uniquely close community we enjoy. We love that our friend circles overlap (multiple times over) and that we can share the joys, difficulties, and successes with a dear group of people.  Marianne and David were some of the first people that welcomed us into this community and they remain some of our very favorite people. From shared meals and drinks to late night board games, we've created an abundance of memories together and have grown incredibly grateful for their friendship.  Without further ado, meet our dear friends and their absolutely adorable little girl! 

Jul 18, 2014

Kenzie | Grove City, PA Senior Photography

I have a beautiful senior to share today! I met Kenzie this past Tuesday evening to take her senior photographs and we had with a beautiful, sunny summer evening. (The weather this week has been amazing - I can almost pretend I'm living back in California!) We know Kenzie and her family from church and, while Kenzie actually graduated from high school this past May, we wanted to sneak in her senior portraits before she heads off to college next month. We joked that these are more like "freshman portraits," but better late than never! Kenzie's wonderful mother, Wendy, came along for the shoot as well and I loved seeing their friendship a little more closely.  I look at my sweet little Liza and pray that I'll have such a dear, enduring relationship with her once she's reached adulthood!  Kenzie, you are beautiful - both inside and out. Thank you again for a lovely evening. I hope you enjoy these!