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Nov 5, 2012

Elizabeth, Collin & Family | Grove City, PA Family Photography

I'm excited to share another fall family shoot on this cold Monday morning! I met Elizabeth, Collin, and their kids a few weeks back at the College to capture some family photographs.  We still had the beautiful autumn colors, full trees, and sun at that time, so we were able to create some wonderfully warm and colorful photographs.  Oh, how I miss the striking beauty of autumn.  I'm always surprised by how ephemeral the season is--just a few short weeks.  And I'm never ready for the bitter cold greeting of winter, especially when we meet in such stormy conditions as we did this year.  So let's return to some brighter color through photographs, shall we? :) This was my second time photographing this family and my words from last year still stand true. We couldn't think more highly of these five and are continually grateful for their presence in our church life and community!