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Nov 26, 2012

Beth & Mick | Grove City, PA Engagement Photography

As he prepared to enter the Eiffel Tower for the first time in his life, his nerves were growing increasingly on edge.  Contrary to what some may have guessed though, Mick wasn't too concerned about traveling the heights or seeking the best view. Rather, it was the beautiful engagement ring strategically placed in his fifth pocket and all that ring represented that gave rise to Mick's anxiety that day.  And Beth? She knew Mick well enough to recognize a detour from his typical laid-pack posture.  She may even have suspected a momentous question was coming her way. But when Mick brought himself down to one knee in front of all of Paris, pulled out the ring, and asked Beth for her hand in marriage, his nerves began to calm.  And the resolute yes Beth gave Mick surely validated every ounce of planning and anxiety that went into that indelible Parisian day. 

I met Beth and Mick for their shoot here in Grove City the day before Thanksgiving.  They were so, so wonderful!  I loved every minute I spent with them, from the time behind my camera to the moments in between.  And, I'm not sure I've photographed an engaged couple that was more comfortable and natural with each other!  Thank you so much, Beth and Mick.  Ya'll are a joy!  I'm honored and thrilled to be photographing your wedding next year.  Much love and gratitude to you both!

Beth brought along some fun props, including the snow above and some Christmas-themed ones:).