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Jun 12, 2014

Vanessa & Matt | Volant, PA Engagement Photographs

I have been privileged to work with some really wonderful people these past couple of months and, I've got to say, they just keep coming! I met Vanessa and Matt earlier this week for their engagement shoot and loved getting to know them. They are an incredibly kind, happy, and engaging couple - from my first shutter release, I knew we would have a practically effortless evening together. Vanessa and Matt were hoping for a rural setting and offered me complete freedom to pick a handful of spots.  Hoping for something fresh, we meandered down some back roads in Volant and found some especially gorgeous Pennsylvania scenes, complete with a lovely, local greenhouse. Thank you so much, Vanessa & Matt, for trusting me to create a collection of images through which you can remember this season in your life together. I hope you love them...and I hope they were worth the ubiquitous mosquitos!