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Jun 4, 2014

Todd & Melissa | Harmony, PA Engagement Photographs

Todd and Melissa are the sort of people who make me love what I do. They are down-to-earth, incredibly kind, and very much in love.  They smile easily, fill the silences with laughter, and make everyone in their presence feel at ease. I met Todd and Melissa a few towns over this past weekend and, as we walked around the quaint streets and paths of Harmony, I couldn't help but feel grateful that people like these welcome me into their lives. What a privilege I hold to record and archive such wonderful seasons for my clients. And to make this particular evening even more enjoyable, we were graced with the most lovely light - the type of light I've been waiting for the last six months. Thank you, Todd & Melissa, for such a wonderful evening. I am beyond thrilled to be your photographer!