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Apr 4, 2013

Grateful XXVIII

While Jake and I were living in our apartment in DC, we both longed for some outdoor space.  Neither of us minded the confines of a smaller living area (it limited the stuff we could buy!), but we both had a strong desire for a little plot of land--a place to grow, mow, and care for.  So when we moved to Grove City, the thought of having our own little backyard was not something we took for granted.  Within a few months of moving into our new home, Jake quickly set to mowing, weeding, landscape dreaming, and the like. But it wasn't until this summer that we mustered the nerve to start our garden.  Neither of us claims a green thumb or any hidden horticulture knowledge, so we're taming our expectations daily; we'll be thrilled if we harvest even a few measly tomatoes this summer.  But we couldn't be more grateful to see our little seeds sprouting along our south-facing windows.  The miracle of growth really is something beautiful.  And heck, between our ducklings and seedlings, we're a regular ole' farm here in the Jefferis household!