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May 9, 2012

Jess & Mike | Grove City, PA Engagement Photography

Isn't it funny how some of the best things in life start out with the smallest, most seemingly insignificant of decisions?  Well a few years ago, Jess made a small, simple decision to attend a party. Following that decision, she made another--to ask her friend Mike for a ride.  From those two small choices have come the beautiful relationship I had the honor of capturing this past weekend. An ordinary car ride led to a friendship, which quickly grew into a romance, and will soon become a marriage!

This was my first time getting to know Jess and Mike, and I really, really like them.  They don't take themselves too seriously and are just really down-to-earth people.  I felt immediately at ease with them, and loved hearing about their relationship, life together, and upcoming wedding. And speaking of which, I'm really excited and honored to be shooting their wedding in October. I know Jess is going to be a beautiful bride! 

Jess and Mike chose to do their engagement shoot at The Old Stone House in Slippery Rock. I love the rustic feel of that location, and it suited these two well.  And we had SUN! I have really missed the warmth, light, and haze that the sun provides in photographs.  So, needless to say, I was thrilled to see it peek out from behind the clouds a bit before our shoot.

Mike picked out Jess's ring completely on his own...I think he did a pretty good job! 

These two have grown up Steelers fans, so it seemed appropriate to pay a little tribute to their shared interest:).