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Feb 24, 2012

Things I love: Pinterest!

I am beginning a new little blog series today called Things I love. I know, painfully original:).  But as much as I love creating Grateful posts, I sometimes refrain from writing them for fear that my gratitude will appear disingenuous or trite. After all, it feels a little silly to declare that I'm grateful for a new pillow. Sure, I could conjure up some little anecdote about the pillow that will lead into my gratitude about rest or sleep. But I'm a full-time mom doing photography part-time and my time for blogging is limited. SO, cue these new Things I love posts. No great depth or long explanations here...just simple things I love. Today, I'm kicking it off with Pinterest. Once you get past the initial honeymoon stage, Pinterest becomes a fantastic source of inspiration and a terrific tool for storing great ideas and images you find on the web.  My husband's also a fan because of my little wishlist board--it's now his go-to resource for gifts.  So if you haven't yet jumped on the Pinterest wagon, I highly recommend trying it out.  Especially you brides--it's full of great wedding ideas. Enjoy your weekend, everyone!