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Feb 21, 2012

Becca + Vance | Grove City, PA Engagement Photography

"Make him feel important." So were the words spoken to Becca before meeting Vance.  You see, when Vance first visited Grove City for the weekend, a mutual friend asked Becca to welcome Vance on campus, to make him feel comfortable, special...important.  She must have done a pretty good job that weekend--a facebook friend request quickly followed on Monday morning. Vance knew there was something special about Becca and so their friendship began. But it didn't take long for something more than just a friendship to brew.  Becca soon was smitten in return.  Judging by the ring on Becca's finger, I think it's safe to say Vance is quite good at making her feel loved, desired...important

I know I always brag about my clients and how wonderful they are to work with, but it's true!  These two are no exception. It was quite cold and windy during this shoot--I was so cold by the end of this shoot that my finger had a difficult time releasing the shutter.  But these two? Amazing! They never even once mentioned the cold. They were flexible, trusting, and gracious. Becca and Vance-- thanks so much for giving me the chance to photograph this exciting season in your lives. God bless you two! 

And some black and whites...