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Nov 1, 2011

Miranda & John | Grove City, PA Engagement Photography

He knew he wanted the proposal to be unique and unexpected. They've been dating for almost six years after all, back since high school. But more than five hours separate their schools, and planning something special would be no simple task. Still, John was determined to put together one incredible proposal. 

Miranda is a cheerleader and John knew she would be at every home football game, cheering on her team. So what better way to surprise her than dressed as her team's mascot? John spent half the football game dressed as a wolverine, rallying the crowd, posing for pictures with kids, and cheering for a team that's not his own. He did it all for her. All so that he could remove the furry mask, surprise an unsuspecting cheerleader, and bend down on one knee to ask her one very important question. She, of course, said yes.

I met John and Miranda in Harmony for their engagement shoot and had a truly wonderful time. Miranda brought a lot of fun props to personalize their shoot, and Harmony was as quaint as ever in the fog. It was really cold outside during our shoot, but I honestly could have photographed these two for hours.  Thank you, John and Miranda. Really--you guys were a joy. Happy Tuesday, everyone, and thanks for looking.  

I typically post all color on my blog, but these next ones just seemed like they were meant to be black and whites. 

And back to some color...

After a quick outfit change, we switched gears and took some colorful shots to document their
 mutual love for baseball and, what will soon be, one intense family rivalry.