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Nov 18, 2011

Interiors: The Living Room

My husband is pretty incredible at home improvement work. I take no credit for the actual execution of any of our home design work. I like to think I'm the brains behind our makeovers, but even that's up for debate.  Anyhow, we've been working room-by-room since we moved here almost a year ago. The previous owners had done a fantastic job at maintaining a very clean and well-maintained home, but the style just wasn't ours. Wallpaper covered the walls of every room and thick carpet hid hard-wood floors in 90% of the house. We were anxious to rip up that carpet, steam the walls, and uncover a place that we absolutely LOVE! We know that we can't please everyone with our decisions (some may squirm at the fact that we painted our lovely oak trim white), but we're thrilled with our results. So here is a small peek into our living room. This is the first room we've completed. Well, it's almost completed--we still need to install some quarter round and re-patch some hardwood sections sometime this Winter. Again, my husband deserves all the credit for the actual work put into this room!