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Nov 22, 2011

Grateful: XVI

I frequently complain about our local grocery store--the only fully-stocked one in town. I'm not proud of this, but I often bemoan our store's lack of organic options and small selection of meat cuts. And the high price tags on the outside-of-the-grocery-store items (you know, the fresh stuff) frustrate me on a weekly basis.  But, as some of my California friends have taken to saying, this is most definitely a "first-world problem."  After all, I've got an incredible variety of food at my fingertips, money to purchase that food, and a warm place to prepare it.  Never have I wondered if I'd have access to food for my family. Not even once.  When I think of food in these terms, my grumbling seems a lot more like selfishness and ingratitude.  Because really, I'm so very grateful for the abundance we have.