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Jan 9, 2011

A Season of Change {Grove City Family Photography}

These last two months have held so much change for our little family.  Leaving behind our community in Maryland, moving North a state, living with Jake's parents as we await the closing on our new home, switching jobs...all while trying to maintain a state of normalcy for our little Liza.  It's been a small journey for us, but oh what a good one. As I've said, we are so excited about this new path and are grateful for God's abundant blessings! 

Because of said changes, I haven't been working with my camera much this past month. But I just took a few pictures of some sweet family friends.  Their youngest daughter, a junior at Geneva College, is headed out of the country to study abroad this week! We took a few shots before she's head off on her own adventure. We didn't stay out long; it was pretty chilly. But here are a few of the frames. Thanks, guys! 

Hope your semester away is incredible, Carolyn!