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Jul 23, 2013

Rachel & Steve | Harmony, PA Engagement Photography

When Steve transferred to Grove City, he knew he was in for some changes.  Everything from school culture to academic intensity would send a shock to his collegiate career.   But nothing would redirect his life path the way meeting Rachel would.  Her bubbly personality, contagious smile, and all-American beauty were enough to turn more than a few heads.  But she didn't just turn Steve's head.  With a beautiful antique ring on her finger, I think it's safe to say that she's completely turned his path.  ;)

Rachel & Steve wanted a historical, vintage-y location, so we started in Harmony (which I love in any season) and then headed to some beautiful tree farms to finish the evening.  We didn't have much sun, but I was completely fine with that, especially since we had some pretty amazing clouds towards the end.  And, Rachel & Steve could not have been easier to photograph--they were so fun and easy-going. And it was an added bonus to have Rachel's sister and maid-of-honor along for the shoot--thanks, Chelsea!  I've actually photographed Rachel twice now as a bridesmaid and I couldn't be more excited to be photographing her as the bride next May!  Thank you, Rachel & Steve, for such a lovely evening!