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Aug 1, 2012

Rachel, Kyle & Family | Falls Church, VA Family Photography

I still remember the day we met Rachel and Kyle.  I spotted a young, twenty-something couple across the sanctuary at church (a rarity in our congregation at the time) and quickly noticed that they shared our significant height difference. It's not often we meet couples that have to span a man's shoe size to kiss. We struck up a conversation after the service and immediately liked them. Before long, we shared a meal, and then another, and then another.  Amidst good food and conversations on teaching and literature, our friendship grew.  And as I write this, I realize just how many memories we share with these two--from our first exposure to Indian food to lessons on orchids and late-night rounds of Taboo. Fast forward a few years and we've now got five kids between us! 

I met Kyle, Rachel, and their three little ones at a little park in Falls Church for some family pictures a couple weeks ago. We met early in the morning to beat the heat and were somewhat successful;). But despite the climbing temperatures, I was amazed by the sweet dispositions of all three of their children. Photographing three siblings under two years old can be a challenge, but these guys were incredible! 

Kyle and Rachel, what a joy it was to see you both again and meet your beautiful children. We really do miss you guys! We'll definitely give you all a call next time we're in town.  I hope you enjoy these photographs!