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Aug 24, 2012

Katherine & Craig | Wexford, PA Wedding Photography

Katherine is a planner. An organized planner.  She's the first bride that asked me for the pre-wedding questionnaire:)! And as her father shared with us last Friday evening, Katherine has been planning and preparing for her wedding day since grade school.  Like many girls, she'd given her wedding and future husband a lot of thought. But, as her father also shared, only a good and gracious God could have planned for this marriage. Craig is such an incredible complement to Katherine, and vice versa.  Where she is practical, Craig has a streak of spontaneity.  And where Katherine plans, it would seem Craig dreams. 

Katherine and Craig, your wedding was such a special one!  Excuse my shameless sentimentality, but I confess to shedding a few tears on Friday evening.  There were so many beautiful moments and it is very evident that God has brought you two together. We are so grateful to have not only witnessed your wedding, but to have documented it. We hope you love these photographs and cherish them for many years.  Much love and gratitude to you both!

Katherine and Craig were married at North Park Presbyterian Church in Wexford. Their ceremony
was beautiful and incredibly meaningful, as many prayers had paved the way to this day.

Finally married!! Katherine and Craig had a really fabulous wedding party. Everyone 
was so warm, gracious, and ready to celebrate their friends' new life together! 

Due to time constraints, we decided to do bride and groom portraits right outside of the church.  Fortunately, the sun 
peeked out soon after we began and the light was spectacular. And it doesn't hurt that they're a gorgeous couple!

Craig and Katherine hosted a lovely reception at The Chadwick in Wexford, PA.  The night was filled
with delicious food, a myriad of meaningful toasts, much laughter, and a whole lot of dancing!