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Jun 14, 2012

Grateful: XXV

Looking back, I think my 5th grade teacher must have felt badly for me. Every few months or so, she'd bring me in a plastic grocery bag full of hand-me-downs from her daughter.  Now, my parents certainly didn't have a lot of money, but they had enough to provide for my basic clothing needs.  The problem was that I had a penchant for picking a favorite outfit and wearing it over and over again.  I guess Mrs. Strothers saw my favored cream sweater and navy blue skirt one too many times. In my naivety, I was always proud to accept those bags of hand-me-downs and even more thrilled to take them home and rummage through my "new" clothes!  And I suppose, deep down, I'm still that excited 5th grade girl.  I still love getting hand-me-downs, especially now when they're for L and W.  We just recently received a package from J's stylish aunt and uncle in Washington. Tucked in that box were some pretty awesome things for our little L, including these pink Hunter boots.  They're a little big for her still, but that hasn't stopped her from prancing proudly around our living room in her "new" boots.  So here's to hand-me-downs and a generous aunt & uncle who take the time to pass them along. Happy Thursday!