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Apr 17, 2012

Things I love: Succulents!

We took our monthly family trip to Home Depot this past weekend.  J and I share a love for home projects, so Home Depot is a favorite destination around here. Like always, our trip was an adventure and, like always, our trip ended with a meltdown. There's just something about the wide aisles filled with home improvement products that drives our little L to bad decisions. It happened in the plant section on Saturday when L decided to grab a little cactus by its bulb. Poor little thing--she got quite a few stickers in her fingers. But it was nothing a few sweet succulents couldn't resolve!  When L saw the little Baby Toes and Painted Lady succulents, her tears quickly subsided. I've been wanting to place a few in our kitchen, so we purchased three little ones (for a grand total of $8).  We planted them in a red little planter (thanks, Winnie!) that used to house wheatgrass and put them near our kitchen window. A few times a day, L meanders over to the counter and requests to see the "sucawents." Have a wonderful Tuesday!