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Mar 14, 2012

Orchids & My 100 Macro | The Joys in Business

After renting the 100 Macro f/2.8 lens a few times last year, we finally decided to invest in it. And wow is this lens amazing! I frequently grew frustrated with my 50mm (my main lens) when trying to take detail shots. It just wouldn't let me get very close. Well this lens is another story! You can get incredibly close to your subject and it's perfect for wedding detail shots and rings, which is why we purchased it. But it's also a great second shooter lens for weddings and even portraits. You can document the ceremony or events without being right where the action is. I'm still learning a lot about this lens--macro photography is a whole new ballgame, particularly with the depth of field. So...I practiced a bit yesterday with my new orchid:).  Have a wonderful Wednesday!