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Jan 2, 2012

Grateful: XX

Happy 2012! We've returned from our vacation in the Holy City of the South and are slowly getting back into the swing of things. We were welcomed with some lovely snow and a stack of Christmas cards from dear friends--love that! I'm kicking off the year with another installment of Grateful. A few months back, inspired by Kara Layne, J and I decided to begin a family journal.  Our family is still quite young and small, but the journal is already filling up with funny little jottings. We keep our journal on our counter for quick access and grab it whenever something seems worth remembering. These little moments, tucked quietly into the mundane routine of daily life, bring us great joy and gratitude.  So we record them. And I especially love the thought of our children gathered around a living room--years and years from now--reading through a stack of journals, enlivened by laughter and fond memories from their childhood. Have a wonderful Monday!