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Jan 14, 2012

2011 Engagement Favorites | Grove City, PA Engagement Photography

It's hard to believe I began this little blog only two years ago.  In this short time span, we've made three camera upgrades, brought two children into the world, and logged one pretty significant move.  Perhaps that's why it seems like I've been photographing people and blogging about them for ages! All in all, I really couldn't have asked for a better second year for my business. I have worked with some amazing people this year and am thankful for each family and couple that has stepped in front of my lens. Thank you, thank you--all of you! 

I've seen my style evolve and develop a lot this year.  Not to say I've arrived by any means or even close--I have so much room for growth and only see my shortcomings more as I improve. But, I think I'm coming to know what I love in a photograph--from composition and color to mood and story. I know that I love traditional composition with an occasional departure.  I know that as I edit, I like to keep it very simple--warm, bold colors with balanced contrast.  Always exposing for the skin, I try to create lighter images with subjects that are well-illuminated. I'm consistently attracted to photographs with laughter and candid smiles. And while my flash is no longer an enemy, I prefer outdoor, available light and natural reflectors. But with a new array of lenses and a full slate of weddings this year, I'm excited to see how my style will evolve and become more refined in 2012.  

Thanks again to my amazing clients! Obviously, none of this would be possible without your trust and investment. I have never had a bad client experience and I consider myself incredibly blessed for this!  And thank you to all my blog readers!  I am grateful for your readership:). If you've followed me for the past year, you've likely seen most of these images.  I'll be sharing some of my favorite family images soon, but for now, enjoy some favorite engagement images from 2011.