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Oct 18, 2011

Ashley & Dave {Grove City, PA Engagement Photography}

After meeting with Ashley to discuss her wedding over coffee a couple months ago, I came home and told Jake that I had just met one of the kindest, most gracious people. "Oh yeah, I know Ashley. She is a really great person," he was quick to respond. "I went to high school with her."  Then I mentioned her fiance's name and apparently Jake knew Dave 'back in the day' as well.  In fact, Dave was Jake's childhood hero--the toughest guy he knew. What!?  I'm still getting used to this small-town, everybody-knows-everybody-else lifestyle.  But really, I wouldn't trade it for anything. The people here are incredibly gracious, and these two are no exception. 

Ashley, you are gorgeous.  Honestly.  Your eyes are just incredible and I'm not sure I've photographed clearer skin.  And Dave, it's not everyday I get to photograph a head football coach. Thank you for humoring me and your lovely fiancee, especially considering I told you "just one more" about fifty times. You guys make Harmony look good. Really good.  Great location choice, Ashley!  I'm very much looking forward to your wedding in July!

Happy Tuesday and much love, everyone.