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Sep 27, 2011

Gudrun & Jay {Alexandria, VA Engagement Photography}

Jay knew he wanted to propose to her in an unexpected moment.  After all, their love was a bit unexpected; they work for enemy companies in DC--one sues the other. But as Jay thought about Gudrun and the big question, he couldn't quite decide when that perfect, unsuspected moment would be. So he bought the ring, and waited. Waited until everything aligned just perfectly. And align it did one ordinary day in their new condo. Covered with paint, surrounded by sample swatches, pouring love and color into their new place. Right there as they were creating a home, he knew it was the moment when Bob Marley's Is This Love sounded on the radio. He pulled out the ring and proposed that they spend the rest of their days with each other. Together. 

Gudrun, you are gorgeous--inside and out.  And Jay, you brought your game to this shoot!  The way you love and admire Gudrun is beautiful. You two are an absolute delight! Thanks so much for letting me document your love.  And thanks for picking a pretty rockin' location for your shoot. Alexandria is perhaps even more photogenic than Charleston (if that's possible). Happy Tuesday, everybody. Thanks for looking;). 

Lots more coming your way in the next few weeks. Stay tuned...