Hello and welcome! I'm Emily Jefferis, a wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer located in Grove City, PA. Investment information, details, and my portfolios are available at www.willajphotography.com. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me through emily@willajphotography.com. Thanks for looking!

Aug 15, 2011

Camera Love {Grove City, PA Family Photography}

I was both thrilled and nervous when my friend Emily emailed me about a family shoot. Thrilled because Emily is such a sweet soul and a dear friend. Nervous because Emily's appreciation for photography is not limited to the front of the lens. She's normally on the other side of the camera and is a talented lifestyle photographer.  Our interests in photography grew around the same time, in fact, and we've held countless conversations about our shared camera love. So, naturally, I was a bit anxious before our shoot. But I shouldn't have been; Emily set me immediately at ease with her kind smile and warmth.  She and her husband--our old pastor!--were super flexible and up for anything. And their girls? Absolutely amazing. Thank you, E...it was such a pleasure and an honor. Oh, and if you're in the DC area, Emily's site is worth the click: www.emilylargephotography.com.