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Jul 27, 2011

I Broke my Camera {Grove City, PA Family Photography}

I dropped my camera on the cement yesterday.  Yes, the cement. After a few loud, jolting bounces across the cement, it landed facing me right-side up--as if to say, "Go ahead. I dare you to try to turn me on." Little L witnessed the fall and was quick to reassure me: "It's okay, mama, camera broke, it's okay, oh well." OH WELL!?  My sweet little L.  I guess she hates conflict as much as me.  Unfortunately, my camera is not okay...and neither is my husband (he doesn't mind conflict. haha). At any rate, my camera will now be taking an expensive four-week vacation to the Canon factory in New Jersey. Thankfully, my upgrade is due in the mail today (woot!) and I had the chance to capture some pictures of our sweet friends before my mishap. Happy Wednesday!