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May 13, 2011

Interiors: A Frame Wall

Since we're in the process of re-working our new-to-us home, I thought it might be fun to document a few of our interior projects along the way. We are not experts by any means, but we've stolen enough good ideas to create some rooms and projects we're proud to share. So here is the first of, I hope, many interior posts.

Interior Idea #1: a frame wall. I've wanted to create a frame wall for many years, but never had the space to pull it off. When we purchased our new home, I was thrilled to finally have a large wall to use as a frame canvas of sorts. Designing this space was really simple. I just arranged my menagerie of collected frames on our living room floor in a way that looked pleasing to my eye. The key was balance, but without perfect symmetry. Executing my design was a little more complicated, but fortunately I have a very astute and particular husband who did that part for me (without the excessive nail holes I would have created). Unlike fine art canvases, prints for these frames are inexpensive and I can change them out whenever I feel the need.  I am enjoying the black and white images now, but I intend to change them out for some color in mid-winter when there's nothing but snow outside.  I hope that you have a wonderful weekend! -Emily