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Nov 9, 2010

Amber & Darius {Georgetown Engagement Photography}

It all started with an open invitation to some of her Facebook friends. An invitation to go see a French foreign film. Two friends responded, but Amber wasn't too well-acquainted with either of them.  Well one of those friends happened to be Darius, and that foreign film was the beginning of their growing relationship--a relationship filled with surprising connections, countless shared interests, and God's abundant blessings. 

Amber and I worked together as teachers a few years back, but the shoot was my first time meeting Darius.  He was instantly warm and kind. And the affection and friendship between them is immediately evident. The way Darius cares for Amber, the admiring looks he gives her, the concern for her safety--it is beautiful. Equally, Amber's respect and warmth for Darius is almost palpable. 

We met at the Georgetown campus for their engagement shoot. What a perfect place to capture a couple in love. There were beautiful or edgy backdrops every direction I turned. Here's a preview. 

Amber and Darius, you are a gorgeous couple--inside and out. I couldn't be happier for you two. Congratulations!