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Oct 18, 2010

Cooper and Jess {Glen Echo Park Engagement Photography}

It was her sophomore year at college and she said she'd help her roommate with a charity fashion show on campus. Cooper had also volunteered to help a friend with the same show.  Thing is, he had just recently given up on dating for awhile.  But then he met her. They got off to a rocky start when Jess stood him up for their first date. As you can see though, he eventually won her over. 

Let me share how I met these two. A few months ago, I lost my wallet on the way back from some kayak surfing on the Potomac. Jake spent hours trying to find the wallet I had lost near Old Angler's Inn, but was unsuccessful. On the way home, our insurance company called him. Someone had found my wallet on the side of the road. That honest guy was Cooper. What a hassle he saved me! I was more than happy to do this engagement shoot for him and his beautiful fiancee. 

Cooper and Jess decided on Glen Echo Park for their session. It's an old amusement park that the the NPS has renovated into an arts community. It is definitely one of my favorite locations and this was one of my favorite sessions yet.  Thanks, guys!