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Sep 16, 2010

To the Moon...and Back.

Believe it or not, I actually do not have all that many recent pictures of our little L.  Well I guess that depends on who I'm being compared to;).  May be I should say I don't have as many recent pictures as you might think. Most days go by without me picking up my camera to capture a moment here or there. I guess I'm often preoccupied with taking, loading, and editing pictures of my wonderful clients. In the midst of that, I forget to photograph my little treasure. But I really want to remember this precious stage in her life, so I've been pulling the camera out for her some more again. She is such a happy, social, active, obedient little lady.  She's also beginning to pose for the camera a bit and loves to see the image on the LCD screen--a girl after my own heart. I love her to the moon...and back. 

By the way, I hope you like the new blog look! I wanted something less cluttered and more photograph-focused.  xoxo -Emily